Sturgeon Fishing in Vancouver BC

Almost 9 million tourists visit Vancouver, BC for different reasons every year. Some visit for business while some for pleasure and family reunion, others visit Vancouver just to see what it has to offer. Most visitors will always want to be offered with a BC outdoor adventure once they land at this place.

It is undoubtedly what makes Vancouver famous. It is one of those unique places in North America that offers different individuals with something special to enjoy, be it on business trips, family meetings or some quality time for couples who want to enjoy the world of fishing. At Vancouver, we’re are much privileged to offer such services to our customers.

Where To Go Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia?

In just one hour drive from the city, you will get a lifetime experience to be hard. The place has a perfect combination of natural beauty that will soak you beyond your imagination. You will have a golden opportunity to catch fish that you haven’t seen in your life and at the same time observing seals and wild eagles in their natural habitats. You will have a rare opportunity to catch and release a fish that has the potential to grow bigger than yourself.

Fraser River, the 11th longest river in Canada, measuring 1,370 km in length, empties into the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver. Something that makes this river to be of special interest or rather unique from other rivers in Canada is that it is the habitat for prehistoric fish called white sturgeon, the dinosaur. It is the largest freshwater fish in Northern America.

What To Expect

With the help of a professional who has long term experience in sturgeon fishing for more than 20 years, you will be in a better position to experience the acrobatic and power of these wonderful prehistoric fish. The whole experience is amazing. Although it does not fight like one, some people have described it as fighting a marlin at the northwest of Pacific.

The sturgeon fishing activity is the main attraction to all people of different skill levels from all over the world. Whether you are a worm and hook kind of angler or a pure fly fisher, getting a chance to practice and test your endurance levels and skills against these monsters in this river is something that you won’t take for granted.

When Is The Best Time To Go Sturgeon Fishing?

Although you can catch up with this prehistoric fish throughout the year, the best time to visit Vancouver for the best fishing experience is between mid-march and mid-November. Summer also can be a convenient time for both numbers and size. The sizes of sturgeon in the Fraser vary significantly, the average ones being about 1.4 m or 4.6ft. The allowable rage for hooking is between 1. 8 to 2.5m. The total number of fish to the boat on a single day varies also.

After all the main focus is fishing and not catching, the fishing process is highly guided by fishing charters on a scale of more than 95% of total fishing. It is not common to have more than twenty fish to the boat. The average day one is on an eight-hour charter in one year is about 6 to 8 fish.

To Conclude

It is the best place to visit, Vancouver BC, one of the largest city in Canada. It is visited by many people every year from all over the globe for a lifetime experience. Why wait? Plan to visit Vancouver on your next vacation to enjoy watching the landing and release of river monster, fight and successful hookset of the white sturgeon.

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